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police are investigating a deadly shooting, the call came in when they arrived in the 300 block of ivy drive. they found a man with gunshot wounds. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. and now to the weather, the second storm of the season has arrived. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. meteorologist rob mayeda has more. it is being felt in the south bay and san jose. you can see the main rain band
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pushing into morgan hill. and let's show you the santa clara valley. moderate rain, palo alto, coming down pretty hard right now. over towards pleasantton and livermore, and around oakland, just misty skies here. you can see in the future cast, most of the action is in the south bay, we'll transition from outright rain, scattered showers, heading into tomorrow morning. so plenty of rain right now, sunday's forecast, we'll see more changes. we'll show you what it means for the forecast coming up. all right, thank you, the latest rainstorm is a concern for people who live in the daly city neighborhood where the water main break caused a huge mud slide this week. some homeowners are concerned about the possibility of another big mess. >> reporter: a clear storm drain
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is just what this worker from daily city's water and waste water resources wants to see. he is making sure it does not back up with mud or anything else. as the rain comes down, bales of hay along parker there to keep the soil from coming along the hillside. a water main broke, sending tens of thousands of gallons flowing from the neighborhood. the mud buried one of the cars. one of the cars belongs to arturo romero's son. they worry about the long-term stability of the landscape. >> i don't know, when the big rain problems come back. but right now, it seems to me that it is still holding up with a big hole. >> reporter: is where tonight, heavy rain caused minor flooding on southbound 280 in san francisco. several weather-related accidents were reported across
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the bay area. and in ocean beach earlier today, members of the coast guard and the san francisco fire department had to deal with rainy weather as they rescued a surfer. >> he was fine, just cold and wet and was grateful to get on the rescue boat. >> monte francis, nbc bay area news. and we have information on the officer-involved shooting. police warn others that there is a man on the loose, very dangerous, one of two men who were involved in a burglary. the suspect got out of his car, heading straight for the officer's car and started to shoot. >> for him to actually advance on the police officer's car, and walk towards the car as he fires, the rounds were in the front windshield. on the officer's seat, side window of the officer's patrol
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car. i mean, the officer was trapped in his car, basically just getting shot at. he didn't have an opportunity to shoot back. >> not only that, the pepper spray can went off, filling his car. the backup officers arrived during the gunfire, and one of the suspects fled the scene running into a nearby home. >> the suspect basically hopped into somebody's bark yard, hit their slider, the door was open, there were people home. they took a look at the guy, he was bleeding, he was running from somebody obviously. they flagged down the officers in the area immediately. >> police say they arrested the suspect in the home a few hours later after securing the area. the second suspect is still on the loose. and he is considered armed and dangerous. police also commented tonight, one officer is lucky to be alive and the other officer saved his life. the body of a bay area marine who was returned to his
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family today. the twenty-two-year-old man was close to finishing his week in service, when he was shot and killed. more on the investigation into the controversial shooting, kimberly? >> reporter: diane, the marine's family says they're upset, and also confused over how this could have happened. police say the shooting was done in self-defense, but family members say they think there is more to the story. it was a somber homecoming for a south bay marine. today, two dozen family members at times overwhelmed with grief, watched as corporal allen davilos coffin went by. >> i don't understand why this had to happen to him. to this extreme, nobody does deserve this, nobody. >> he has a clean record. this is a young man who signed
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up to serve his country. who went to afghanistan, came back untouched. was saved in afghanistan, came back to get killed. >> reporter: the twenty-two-year-old man was shot and killed a week ago during the confrontation with the police. the case is now turned over to the district attorney's office. so they are no longer commenting. but this is what they said. >> some sort of fight occurred between the driver and two officers. at some point during the fight, both officers used their weapon. >> they didn't have to use deadly force. this was a situation where it didn't have to come to a wrongful death. >> reporter: the palm springs say that they had no choice. the man refused to stop the car, and used the car to drag another. police also say a stolen inmaat
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card was found. they're calling on the marines to step in and launch an independent investigation. >> we're not confident with just the palm springs police doing the investigation. we're not confident with the district attorney doing the investigation. >> reporter: again, that was kimberly terry reporting. one year after he was killed in the line of duty, some people in vallejo are still struggling to deal with the death of officer jim capoot. he was killed after a high speed chase and foot pursuit. and today, his family and friends and colleagues gathered at vallejo city hall in his honor. members of his family and friends say they remember him as a man who constantly gave back to the community. he was forty-five years old.
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and spartans football fans, we'll take you to tonight's big game. and nbc bay area setting out to end hunger now. we couldn't do it without the help of volunteers such as these students from san jose. at bank of america, we're continuing to lend and invest in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company
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that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. am i don't know. any medications? last immunization shots? really? honey, what's my blood pressure medicine called? one time i took something and i blew up like a puffer fish. i'm probably allergic to that. at kaiser permanente, your medical information is available to you and your doctors. quickly. securely. no guesswork required. better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive.
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. new at 11:00, there is more controversy tonight involving the catholic church and sexual abuse cases. a catholic bishop is apologizing for letting a registered sex offender attend a school festival in san jose.
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fifty-one-year-old mark gurrie was charged with molesting a girl back in 2010. gurrie had a letter allowing him to be there, and they do allow them to be there with permission. they are investigating how he was allowed to attend the meeting. a teenager recognized him and alerted parents and the authorities. and one step closer to a game. spartans stadium, san jose on a 5-game winning streak, the first five-game winning streak in about 22 years. they wrap up their season next saturday against louisiana tech. >> it is exciting. we're going to the bowl. going to the bowl. >> new mexico bowl, in 2010. that is how long. >> just ahead in sports, highlights from tonight's game
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in san jose. plus, a second storm of the weekend has arrived. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the rain, and we'll bring you the latest, as well.
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what a night, let's check in with henry wolford with comcast sports, a lot going on in sports tonight. >> reporter: absolutely, a couple of crazy games, let's begin with the big one, oregon put an end to the national
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titles hope. the cardinals had a chance to return the favor and spoil the duck's perfect season. they would have to get the job done on the road. ducks go for the 14th straight win. game tied, seven in the third quarter. second in goals to anthony thomas, runs it in for a six-yard touchdown, 14-7, ducks, fourth quarter, kevin olgin, touchdown, right? well it is initially called an incomplete pass. but after the officials reviewed the play it was reversed. touchdown, stanford. game tied at 14. now to overtime we go after making the right decision. duck's possession first, ñi maldenado attempts a 41 yard field goal, bouncing up right of the goal post. the oregon ducks fans can't believe it. stanford, a chance to win it. jordan williamson makes a
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37-yard field goal. we have an upset. 17 of 14, they could win the pac-12 north with a win next week at ucla. >> we want to say that we can beat anybody we play, no matter their rank, or ours, what anybody else says, no matter. we can play anybody in the country. you know what is funny? we can still get better. play so much better. we cut don't the turnovers, this wouldn't even be a close game. >> you want another upset? we have another one for you, number one kansas, didn't last long, baylor ran for over 300 yards, and handed the wildcats their first loss of the season. 52-24 the final. notre dame will move up to number one when the standings come out tomorrow. you can count on that. well, could this be the final time we see jeff tedford on the sideline, bears playing their final in corvalis, four
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touchdowns in the first half and they lead oregon state to 16-14 win. cal finishes the year, three and nine. san jose state won their ninth game of the season. to put it into perspective, the spartans won only eight games combined the last season. they go for win number win number ten next week, something they have not done since 1987 is the last time they won ten games in a season. diane it has been a very unpredictable year. major upsets this weekend. it was crazy for football. >> it was crazy, that is right, lots of screaming around here. and many resorts in tahoe opened, including north star. there is plenty of snow, they show it. take a look at the village, the snow, turning to rain, washing out any storm that was there earlier. there it is. but the next storm, that is
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supposed to be a little bit colder. let's hope so we'll check in with rob mayeda. yeah, we have been seeing temperatures closer, at 7,000 feet. it was at the summit we saw the snow. cool air coming in. mild temperatures in the bay area, clouds, rain still flying. winds backing off a bit but they will stay breezy out of the east-southeast, 10-20 miles an hour. snow, by the way in the sierra tomorrow morning closer to 5500 feet. good news for the ski resorts. a good amount of rain, along 580. east of oakland, out towards hayward we're seeing the moderate rain flying out there. west of sunnyvale, and los gatos, down into morgan hill, same areas south of san jose after midnight that sees the bigger punch out of the system. you can see clouds through most
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of the bay area. but the lifting action is taking place from areas south of san francisco. and a pretty active pattern setting up early next week. for now it will taper off as we head to sunday. you can see threat in the future cast, clouds coming in, isolated showers at times, you think near the coastal mountains and south bay for the morning. mostly cloudy skies, wrapping up sunday. we'll see a pattern change as we go from sunday to starting the work week. notice the jet stream to the south, over the bay area. monday, tuesday, a pattern shift. we'll see a very strong jet stream, aiming along the northern california coast. the bay area, on the outer fringe of this, monday, tuesday, a chance of rain, north of santa rosa you will see the rain at times, especially come tuesday. but the area south of san francisco, down tards san jose you may see highs in the upper 60s, close to 70. so now, the future cast, close to monday, tuesday, the san
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francisco bay area is dry, ongoing rain, areas north of santa rosa by monday, tuesday, could see another couple of inches of rain. this on top of the one and a half inches of rain we've seen. around the bay area, what you find as we wake up to the santa clara valley, heavy drizzle, light rainshowers early in the day of the transitioning south of morgan hill as we head through the afternoon. and then see a bit of a drier finish to the week i think for most of the bay area. temperatures in the east bay, low-to-mid 60s around pleasantton and livermore, close to 60 in san francisco. upper 50s to near low 60s around the north bay. as we see clouds spilling in, the filtered sunshine at times. the law shutting down, we think as we go through the afternoon and evening. mainly, north of sonoma. probably up towards mendocino county, and unfortunately it could impact the travel plans on wednesday.
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mainly light rain, adding more snow to the sierra. and thanksgiving day, friday, dry, concern could be patchy fog. so the holiday looking dry, and yes, good news for the sierra, winter storm warning for 10:00 tomorrow morning as the snow level drops to 5500 feet. thank goodness. and coming at 11:00, they went to london and made the bay area proud. we'll show you how standout athletes were honored tonight. and just ahead, what is the president doing? the story behind this photo. also, our own jessica guerre kicking off the
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explosions in gaza city tonight as the air assaults continue between israel and palestinian militants in gaza. and here is a live look at gaza city at this hour. the assaults have been pretty consistent since wednesday, it is 9:00 in the morning there. militants launched the rockets into israel saturday. two aimed at tel aviv. in return, israel carried out about 300 air strikes in the gaza strip. one hit the prime minister's headquarters, while another hit a police compound. officials say 43 palestinians and 3 israelis have been killed this week. and the fiscal cliff could raise taxes on the majority of americans and cut spending on january one. president obama and leaders met today to come up with a solution. both sides say they're willing to compromise at this point. they plan to meet again after thanksgiving. and olympic athletes from northern california were honored tonight in santa clara. they were the guest of honor at
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a congressional reception for northern california olympic athletes, among those being honored, marty malloy, who won a bronze medal. >> everyone is there cheering for you with all the american flags. at that moment, you just feel so proud, and it is a moment i'll love forever. >> we're having a great time so i'm glad to be invited. >> also kelly crowley showed off her four olympic medals tonight. not bad. listen to this, she competed in two olympic games, in athenss and london, she won two goals in swimming before switching to cycling. she picked up two bronze medals for that. and take a look at this, president obama having fun with a member of the women's
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gymnastic team, silver medallist, mckayla maroney. he imitated her not impressed look. the look was captured at the ceremony in london and quickly went viral. and many in the nbc bay area came to the safeway stores today to help with the annual "end hunger now" food drive. in just one day they collected a total of over 26,000 bags of groceries. that is a very good start. we may have exceeded our goal and last year's record but the drive is far from over. whether it is canned food or money you can donate throughout christmas day to help feed the families. we are both out at safeway stores, it is so easy, all you have to do is buy a bag filled with groceries already. very easy, effortless for ten dollars. and right now, we have an update
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for you on our top story, live where there was a deadly shooting this evening. monte francis is there for us. no, monte we just have pictures of the crime scene. apparently there was an officer-involved shooting in menlo park, apparently, the police found a man dead in his car with gunshot wounds. witnesses say they saw two men in dark hooded sweat shirts running from the scene. again, this is the scene at the deadly shooting in menlo park, happening at 6:30 in the afternoon. of course, we'll have more information for you tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us, at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. and musical guests, maroon 5. have a great evening.
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on c-span. next on "book notes," author paula broadwell discusses "all in" her in depth study of the life and career of general david petraeus. in her book miss broadwell argues that the general's new approach to counter insurgency tactics, strategic vision, and bold leadership style together makes him the most transformative military thinker of his generation. >> good afternoon and welcome to politics and prose books. we are very honored to have with us today paula broadwell, whose

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